About me

Hello! My name is Joshua McDill. I've been a IT systems analyst/admin/engineer since around 2010. For those unfamiliar with those terms, I'm the guy that makes the kind of systems you're using to view this webpage.

My love for technology goes back to my childhood garage where I perfected the art repurposing broken (ok...not ALWAYS broken) appliances for cool projects. For a tinker like me the world of computers was one simply couldn't resist, so here I am.

While my 9-5 the past few years has been in Infrastructure and Application engineering, my goal is to end up in the ITSec arena specifically as a penetration tester and threat hunter.


  • I'm musically inclined (20+ years on violin for starters)
  • I've traveled all over the world
  • I prefer writing papers over taking tests (ask me why)
  • I'm an Eagle Scout
  • I was homeschooled...and my mom still talks to me

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